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GRP Roofing


Grp trims

Grp roof systems have pre formed edges giving a nice neat finish to roof detailing edges



Nice modern colouring  roofs can be finished in standard grey or have a aggregate finish  which is non slip



Grp  is a good choice whe it comes to balconies and walkway areas.

GRP roofing

Grp roofing is becoming increasingly  popular.  However due to the rigidness of this system it is extremely important to have a   secure substrate as movement in the substrate can cause cracking and movement in the system.   this type of system is ideal for concrete decks were there is less movement than in a wooden substrate  however provided the substrate is very secure  Grp roofing is an ideal solution for balcony areas and has numerous types of agregate finishes and anti slip surfaces.

A fibreglass roof should last 20 years  subject to solid substrates If you are looking for Grp roofing in London or throughout the UK .  We Aldersbrook have been installing flat roofs in London and throughout the Uk should be your first stop for flat roofing

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