Torch on systems/ High performance felt

Why torch on

Multi layered flat roofing systems is traditional roofing aka High performance felt.  laid with a breathable membrane which allows any trapped gases and moisture decking to disperse.  The second layer is  a underlay which is torched on with a separate apron edge. and finally a cap sheet with a separate apron.  main benefits are that the system has multi layers of waterproofing. Aldersbrook in London

Cost efficient

This is usually the most cost effective way to recover the roof dependant on the grades of the felt and manufacturer. these systems have varied lifespans and can be taylored to budget 


these types of systems typically come with a 10 to 20 year guarantee dependant on system manufacturers

Why us

we have been fitting ths type of system for over 29 years  previously  we used to use the  traditional roll and pour method and have followed the technology advances and have worked with some of the brand names becoming approved contractor status in  installing there systems.  We have been working with Delta, Nordebitumi now Donasa and coppernit in installing the various waterproofing systems and products

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