Torch on systems/ High performance felt


Why torch on

Multi layered flat roofing systems is traditional roofing aka High performance felt.  laid with a breathable membrane which allows any trapped gases and moisture decking to disperse.  The second layer is  a underlay which is torched on with a separate apron edge. and finally a cap sheet with a separate apron.  main benefits are that the system has multi layers of waterproofing. Aldersbrook in London

Cost efficient

This is usually the most cost effective way to recover the roof dependant on the grades of the felt and manufacturer. these systems have varied lifespans and can be taylored to budget 


these types of systems typically come with a 10 to 20 year guarantee dependant on system manufacturers

Why us

we have been fitting ths type of system for over 29 years  previously  we used to use the  traditional roll and pour method and have followed the technology advances and have worked with some of the brand names becoming approved contractor status in  installing there systems.  We have been working with Delta, Nordebitumi now Donasa and coppernit in installing the various waterproofing systems and products


Flat roofing know how

What are the difference in a 10 year system to the 20 year system

The difference is in the quality of the membranes the 10 year system is a economy roof system the cap sheet that will be typically OK to minus 10 degrees were as a 20 year system will be -35 degrees BBA rated and carry a fire rating and have a stronger carrier a 10 year system has a 2mm underlay a 20 year system  has a 4 mm underlay

How many layers will a flat roof have

A standard installation will have 3 layers the first layer is a perforated felt  which allows  trapped gases and moisture to disperse. the second layer  is a underlay laid with separate apron upstands  the third being the cap sheet.  also laid with separate aprons.  insulated roof systems are 5 ply as a waterproofed metal lined vapor barrier is installed to the deck then the p.u.r boards

What is the difference between App and SBs roofing felts

 The basic difference between SBS and APP is that APP-modified bitumen is a "plastic asphalt" and SBS-modified bitumen is an "elastic asphalt." ... While its melting point is only slightly lower than that of APP, higher end felts are tipically SBS  as it doesn't have the same flow characteristics as APP-modified bitumen. 

Will my flat roof need to be maintained and inspected

whatever type of roof you have installed be it torch on , fiberglass ,EPDM, single ply if laid as a licensed installer will need to be annually maintained and inspected as part of the grantee  requirements  the same as a  new car has  to be serviced to use a metaphor.

Are the guarantees for material and labour

The guarantees are covered for material and labor by the manufacturer when being installed by a Licensed approved  installer the guarantees are insurance indemnified by Groupama .

Why us

We have been installing flat roofs for 29 years we started off using hot pots and roll and pour methods, and have moved on with the technology working closely with manufacturers  by adapting there standards in the design and training.  Commercially we have installed tens of thousands of meters as a preferred contractor and our commercial expertise we bring to the domestic market. 

High performance roof system cap sheet installation

A example of the high performance capsheet being installed on a refurbishment project by myself Aldersbrook roofing, 3 layer roof system with 20 year insurance indemnified guarantee.   Licensed Nord Bitumi installers Danosa waterproofing systems

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