liquid roofing solutions

Liquid roofing is a  refurbishment option that can be carried out to existing roofs for refurbishment. Theses systems afe painted or sprayed applied and can come wth Guarantees of upto 20 years dependant on the paint coverage applied to the substrate or walkway or decking.  We have been applying a number of systems for several manufacturers for a number of years.

This is ideal for extending the life of a existing roof system or areas were there is a lot of detailing or balcony or walkway areas etc

All the systems when laid are drawn up by the manufacturers for your project

We work with Proteus Kemperol and Cromar as an approved  contractor and have laid thousands of square metres too roofs up and down the country.

These can be laid over asphalt ,felt, concrete,fibreglass,single ply so is a very versatile product.  We have been flat roofing and insallin liquid roofing in London and the Uk

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