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single ply EPDM explained

Singleply epdm rubber roofing is a highly elastic single cover roof system with the benefits of no laps and joins  typically asociated with other types of roof systems such as torch applied or PVC or PTO roofs

  the rubber is pre measured and cut and fabricated in the manufacturers factory prior to installation. These systems do not need the use of  heat for insytallation and can be either mechanically fixed or adered to the substrate.  This type of roof dependant on the manufacturer will come with a 20 year warranty and a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years dependant on the manufacturer.

Rubber roofs elasticity means that any movement in the building  the roof system stretches with it were as more rigid systems tends to crack then allowing the membrane to fail. Single ply EPDM in London,Essex and Rubber roofing in London,Kent

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Single ply epdm roof system benefits

Single ply EPDM rubber roof laid at London E7  mosque by Aldersbrook roofing


Dependant on the manufacturer this type of roof is proven to last in excess of 50 years


Highly elastic and flexible allows the roof system to move with any building movement that may be prevalent

No joins

Roof system is made to measure so is preformed in the factory prior to being delivered to site for installation up to 300 mtrs with a prelasti system

Licensed installer scheme

Only a licensed installer can fit the type of system ensuring quality control by fully trained installers. and roof systems designed for your specific site requirements.

on site surveys and cad drawings

roofing systems designed and written up from the manufacturers with on site meetings and roof system drawn up for each individual roof over 100 square metres. 

No naked flames

roofs are laid without the use of heat so no naked flames reducing the danger of re roofing that you would have with a torch, hot melt or Asphalt type of roof application . 

Single ply licensed installers

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We can send you a sample of EPDM rubber membrane so you can see for yourself the stretchable qualities and strength that EPDM membranes has to offer see for yourself why this a superior and popular choice when it comes to recovering a flat roof.

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