Decorative plain tiling


Job of the Month February 2019

roofer in London, Wanstead, E11 the home of this piece of Artwork The Apex of roofs are not a usual place you see works of art but as you can see decorative plain tiling hanging tile can enhance your property in such a great way. and still be keeping in with the period of the property. The tiles we used are a machine made clay Hawkings roof tile with some decorative club tiles placed strategically in the middle as a centre piece. Machine made clay tiles are a smoother longer lasting type of roof tile to a concrete one. A concrete roof tile will lose its colour a lot quicker so this is why it is sometimes more important to spend a few more pennies than you may want to.

I know its a blurry picture but i had a skinfull the night before
I know its a blurry picture but i had a skinfull the night before

and with a mitred angle cuts to the perimeter of the apex. We also fitted the building out with some light oak fascias to compliment and a new garage roof. Plain tiles can enhance your property a lot more than some of the standard profile roof tiles.

We also carried some lead sheet works to the small bay using code 5 milled lead. this combined with the other roof works really smartened up the front of this property but without losing the property's 1930s character .

Lead bay in milled code 5 lead will always enhance the look of your property wether going for a modern look or traditional