Flat roofing in Girvan Scotland


Girvan Scotland sunset don't be fooled it was COLD
Girvan Scotland sunset don't be fooled it was COLD

this months job of the month for January 2019.

Takes us all the way to Girvan in Scotland were we had carried out a 340 square metre overlay flat roof system on a commercial shop building. Yes as a London roofing specialist we carry out works across the UK and as far North as Scotland The roof system used was a Norde Bitumi system with a twelve year warranty and we are Licensed flat roofing installers for Norde Bitumi.

The roof was cleaned and primed with a bitumen primer and some remedial works were carried out to some of the box gutter outlets as they had been leaking for a while and had negative falls in them. There was the usual Blistering in the asphalt which you get when it is at the end of its natural life span. the blisters and bubbles are remedied by heating up and re pushing down flat to create a smooth decked area prior to the insulation of the roof system. The system comprised of a vented layer and a 2mm underlay and a final Cap sheet all laid with separate up-stands to perimeter edges and abutments and protrusion through the roofs. This roof system was chosen as was a very cost effective way of providing waterproofing integrity to the building. Due to the distance the project was from us.

detailing around the safety rails

Norde Bitumi who are now Donosa, kindly upgraded the system to a twelve year system even though we only required a ten year system for the client. Now there is not many manufacturers that would do that for nothing is there. Whilst in Scotland we experienced the difference in the weather from sunny London roofing to Shivering Scotland but luckily for us we had the heat from the gas guns whilst installing the flat roof. It would of been a lot colder if we had been using a Single ply pvc, liquid or similar flat roof application. As most of the time when it wasn't hailing down hail stone rain it would be snowing we was lucky to get these photos once finished with the sun beaming.

we chose this as our job of the month to demonstrate the varied types of works that we do here at Aldersbrook roofing and be it on Commercial flat roofing or domestic roofing distance has never paid apart and this project that we carried out in Scotland demonstrates this very well .

340 square metres installed by a team of 3

what was included to the client

  • A Free on site survey prior to the works
  • fully designed bespoke roof system for the project
  • full cad drawings for detailing and termination detailing
  • fully trained installers for the roof system
  • full insurance including for the use of heat
  • roof system inspections quality control through the stages of the project
  • Health and safety and risk assessments prior to commencement on site
  • Full commercial insurance policy for Labour and material

We have worked closely with the Norde bitumi range of systems as they have a good range of products from Hot melt roofing systems and High performance systems like the one above with guarantees ranging from 10 to 25 years.