How long do you wait till you need to replace your roof

23 June 2019 | JOB PICK OF THE MONTH

When to change your pitched roof
When to change your pitched roof

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So this roof in Clapton London E5 in Londons East end has had been recovered not so long ago and had been fitted around 25 to 30 years ago. 30 years is not that long for some roofs but some types of roof covering have a longer life than other types of roof coverings. Our client was experiencing issues with water ingress but only in heavy rain and had various roofers doing all types of remedial works but with no luck with remedy for the issue long term. The client came to us looking for a solution the roof looked fine with no missing slates defective flashing etc but on closer inspection of the slates, you could see hairline fractures in the roof slates which were not visible at first glance, We decided that the best course of action would be to strip off the roof and recover again as this would be the only way we could guarantee any longevity with the works. Obviously different types of roof covering are going to have different life spans Clay and natural slate coverings offering longer lifespans than there concrete and man made synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic slate , Roofer expert
these sinthetic man made slates are a popular choice however the lifespan is not as long as natural slate

We used a breathable membrane from Cromar along with tannerlised 50mm by 25mm roof battens fitted out at the gauge for Eternit Thrutone man made synthetic roof slates. These slates are a three fix slates which requires two clout nails and a copper disc rivet at the bottom as they are very light weight material. we installed a code 4 milled lead flashing to the abutment wall as well. Our client has Property in West London North London and south London as well as East London and we now look after all the roofs for them maintaining issues as they arise

Cromar breathable roofing felt and batten installed in Clapton London E5 Aldersbrook roofing team
Eave trays install to gutter makes a tidier finish at the eaves level and stops undersarking rot at the bottom of the roof.