Job of the month Dec 2018



So a couple of days before Xmas eve we got a call from a desperate lady that had issues with her elderly mums heating, and had a company organised to replace the boiler for her but they needed to put the flu through the flat roof. They struggled to arrange a suitable contractor so close to Xmas so there client googled a roofer near me and got in contact with us . we arranged with her insurance company to meet the engineer and cut a whole through the roof to take the new flu from the boiler so that she had heating over Xmas.

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A heating engineer
A heating engineer

The roof was a bituminous roof system which was laid with spa chippings so was made difficult to adhere the new membrane. we used the method of re heating the stones to remove from the membrane and them laid a bitumen primer which was allowed to dry. and a temporary cover was installed till the following morning We then fitted a new felt collar to the newly fitted boiler flu which we applied heat via gas torch and laid with a bleed to all the joints to form a weather tight seal

it is always difficult to get god adhesion to spa chip surfaces. we got the adhesion by heating and scraping chippings back to give a good bituminous base

We chose this small roof repair job for the December job of the month to demonstrate the diversity of what we do. From small roof repair jobs such as this one as a local roofer to full commercial and industrial roofing contracts fitting flat roofing system as licensed installers nationally up and down the country or works on schools we have a wide range of custom.

WOW what a nice neat finish