Job of the Month October 2018


This months job of the month takes us to The Medway in Kent. Our client had asked us to re roof a garage roof with a bituminous roof system. Once the roof had been stripped the boards were in a state of disrepair. the roof had to be re boarded using a waterproof smart-board 18mm sterling board. the boards were secured with 50mm wood screws to the joists. A Coppernit three layer system was used as a waterproofing system as these are a very economical roof system but is actually a SBS felt and not an APP so is good value buck. this system laid using a 2mm underlay and vented layer holds a ten year warranty and has a modern look (well grey is currently in fashion) when using the charcoal capsheet. we also installed some new guttering as this was also smashed to pieces just like the roof that we was replacing.

the client was fourtanuate that the rot had not extended into the rafters as it had been left in a state of disrepair for so long
the client was wondering why everthing in the garage was getting wet and thought that this was some sort of skylight or sundome
our lifes felt a lot safer once we had re laid the substrate
ventilated felt is the primary layer in this sytem as it eliminates blistering cuased by trapped gases and moisture in the decking.
capsheet chosen was the charcoal grey
termination detailing laid seperate to the adjoining garages

This work was carried out in a single day from start to finish so little fuss for the client and the neighboring garages. total area of standard size garage 28ft by 9 ft 18 square metres in totall roof system comes with a ten year guarantee