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When to change your pitched roof
When to change your pitched roof

East Ham London E6 small back addition roof which was in need of repairs was quicker to strip off and replace. While the roof was off we decided to insulate

Danny the Roofer

the loft. the roof was strengthened prior to re felt and battening with a breathable felt and tannerlised 25mm by 38mm battens. the roof was then re tiled and new code 4 milled lead flashing's. A scaffold was erected for safety

we see this type of rot quite a bit when stripping roofs

all this works was carried out in one day so was carried out with limiting disturbance and fuss for the clients. over the 22 years that we have been established we have laid over 2000 tiled roofs in and around east London so are very familiar with some of the issues when changing these roofs particley in Newham were the structures are weak.

Back addition roofs like these usually need new rafters fitted alongside the existing to strengthen and you do not have to look far to see many roofs in this area have not been strengthened properly when being replaced.

New tiled roof back addition

A tiled roof laid correctly should far exceed the 10 year guarantee that is issued on completion a well fitted roof should last in excess of 35 years plus dependent on the roof covering tile that is chosen. Roof tiles come in a variety of colours and more variants of shapes than you have had hot dinners. The ones seen illustrated here are a Marley Ludlow and are a very popular choice in refurbishment as they are not as weighty as some of the other designs and can be installed quite quickly. 16.5 per square metre at a 75mm head lap.