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24 March 2020 | JOB PICK OF THE MONTH

When to change your pitched roof
When to change your pitched roof

Jobof the month November 2019

Our client was experiencing water ingress in several areas of the top of this rented property in Stepney Green London E1. They contacted us as they needed a London flat roofing specialist contractor. We came and inspected the property for them and although the townhouse was recently re built in the early 90s the Asphalt was coming away from the up-stands in two places. On close inspection the coping stones pointing was also defective. We opted for asphalt overlay system as this was the easiest way to re instate the integrity of the roof once again and without any lengthy time stripping out the asphalt and leaving the property vulnerable to the elements (yes rain(. while carrying out the works. Overlaying can be common with boxgutters and with other types of flat roof systems especially on asphalt as it gives a good clean surface to adhere the membranes to. The bottom course of slates were stripped out for installation purposes and the box gutters and parapet walls primed and allowed to dry prior to the Norde Bitumi 3 layer SBS torch on system being installed. We also incorporated the coping stones with the membranes as part of the system. The slates were then re installed.

Flat roofing specialist in London
This box gutteroutlet detail is common we see loads like this being a flat roofing specialist in London

Norde BITUMI are our preferred supplier of bituminous roofing systems and we are a Goldsheild contractor for there products. They have a varied range of SBSD and APP roofing systems with Guarantees comprising of 10,15,20 and even 25 years on there high end roofing systems. We are licensed installers of other ranges of torch on system that equal the guarantees from companies such as Bowder,IkO,Imper ETC. They have a solid background in bituminous products. We have worked with Norde for a number of years and they have helped us with numerous projects that they have designed and specified for us such as this 350 mtr system in Scotland on commercial premises and this 300 plus square metre system in London alongside many many more. Our commercial side of things takes us right across the UK with various types of roofing systems for flat roofing contractor UK. our residential side of things is in London and surrounding counties and Dorset Hampshire and Somerset. If you are a residential customer then we have a gift of a flat roof guide from the NFRC for you.

Torch on overlay roof system
The NFRC do a great flat roof installation guide for residential home owners
Get our NFRC residential homeowners guide to flat roof installations FREE HERE