Flat roof overlay in Ruslip Manor West London

20 June 2020 | JOB PICK OF THE MONTH

Job of the Month Feb 2020

Our client was looking for ECONOMICAL solution to waterproofing a asphalt flat roof in a parade of shops which had asbestos under the roof in Ruslip Manor , West London suburbs. The roof had many lifted blisters in the asphalt which we re heated and pushed down to create a new surface . The roof was primed prior to a 3 layer torch on Nord roofing system being installed., We encapsulated the parapet wall including the coping stones and the remaning walls we used termination bars instead of lead flashing due to the roof being very low to the floor at the rear as termination bars have no re sale value like the lead . If we had fitted the lead it would if been a pikeys wet dream as it would of been very easy to remove. Looking at the othe shops this has been common place.

The Felt wew use is only top end roofing felt we are installers of the Norde Bitumi range of felts and we are an approved installer of there roof systems to buy bitumi felt click here they have a great range of roofing systems that cater for all types of installations .Ranging guarantees are from 10 to 25 years and have systems for roof gardens with root barrier felts to Hot melt systems alongside the range of SBS and APP bitumun modified proven roof systems that are supplied.