Singleply roof system residential install in Barnet

17 April 2020 | JOB PICK OF THE MONTH

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Protan singlecply roofing system
Protan singleplu roofing system is one of the best vlooking rof systems on ther market.

Job of the month December 2019

Our client had come to us to find a solution to there recently laid and failed fiberglass resin roof that they had installed at the time of there extension. The fiberglass roof had only been installed for two years and had areas of blistered resin causing rainwater to ingress into the property. Although we are installers of fiberglass roof systems including Topseal I am not a fan of resin roofs and have seen many a roof with blistered resinand other issues that are asociated with this type of roof system. We opted for a Protan solution for the client due to its modern contemporary looks that would compliment the architecture of the building. The Protan roof system is a lincesed installer mechanically fixed roof system similasr to Alwitra and sarnifil but different as it is not an adhered product. Protan is our preferred roofing system becuase.

  • fast install times
  • modern looks
  • metal trimmed edges
  • non slip surface
  • permable system
  • mechanically fixed
  • 25 year warrantee

    These are just a few of the reasons that we like using the Prtotan single ply PVC above other roofing systems including torch on felt asphalt rubber etc. however we dont discredit the other systems and it is very much horses for courses when it comes to choosing the right material and roof system for your roof or project..

Our clients needed a solution for there residential property flat roof extension in Barnet on the outskirts of North London and the herts, hertfordshire borders. We have been covering these areas close by such as flat roofers Enfeild roofer in Chingford, Mill Hill roofing contractors etc

Anyway back to the install, As the roof had coiltesting the system make up) been installed with the extension we kney that the insulation had been calculated to todays current U values for heat loss regs 2006 (we got the thivkness by coil testing) and we opted to encapsulate the old roof sytem underneath by installing a new ply surface substrate oer the existing system. We then fitted the Protan system as per the Protan individual specification and wind calculation that is supplied for each individual project. All of Protans roof systems are closely monitored for the quality of install and this is just another reason why we recommend this roof system more than any other of the roof systems that we install. Protan really do go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that there products are installed correctly.

Barnet inn North London si not short of propertys needing flat roof refurbishment

We find that Protan is a great choice when roofing extensions were they are overlooked by windows etx as they have a better classier look than Felt or EPDM,

The roofs are also easy to clean and can be washed down with a cream vleaner and will look like new which you wont be doiung with felt,.

box gutters detailing with a single ply roof always look good
Protans pre formed scupper outlets are a neat way to finish wall drain outlets
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