Insurance backed guarantees


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Aldersbrook roofing registered fairtrades

We are new members of the Fair trades scheme which means we have been vetted with the following checks to enables us to give Insurance indemnified guarantees on our workmanship.

We have been vetted for financial stability

  • that we are fully insured for public and employers liability
  • agreement with there terms and conditions of there customers charter
  • had quality of workmanship vetted prior to membership being awarded
  • we have been vetted for the strict legal requirements that is required for insurance backed Guarantees

With the Insurance backed guarantees we can give on our workmanship be it a repair or renewal the guarantee will cover you for the cost of works up to the period of up to 10 years on labour and the length of the material warranty.

This type of warranty covers your guarantee should we cease trading in the period that the guarantee has been given.

the insurance is underwritten by two of the main underwriters.

obviously if you are having a roofing system that we fit as a licensed installer then we are carried under the umbrella of the manufacturers warranty for the roof system being fitted as well.

Aldersbrook Guaranteeing your guarantee
Aldersbrook Guaranteeing your guarantee