Storm Dennis

11 February 2020 | JOB PICK OF THE MONTH

This section of roofing felt was blown across the street from a dormer roof top in Dagenham Greater London the other section landed on our clients car.

Storm season returns 2020

Storms this time of the year are very frequent and as we have just had storm CIARA causing damage and disruption, Storm Dennis is only just behind threatening Britain with another deluge of heavy rain strong blustery winds in excess of 80mph and flooding . .Unless you live in Noahs Ark then It is very important to make sure that you pay close attention to your roof after such storms as there is a very good possibility when winds hit over 60mph they are going to cause structural damage. WE GET CALLED OUT TO LOTS OF STORM DAMAGE ISSUES on new builds as well as older Victorian buildings. In certain cases people have had there cars and other valuable items of property damaged when the wind has quite literally taken the roof off the property so you can imagine the danger if you was struck by falling roof debris

You should consider that a well maintained roof is not going to be as likely to suffer damage as a un maintained roof however that dont rule out that it aint going to happen.

You should check that you have proper insurance to cover you for such eventualities as some repair bills can become quite costly

If you do find that you need to call your insurance then you will need to find a roofing contractor that will carry out insurance work as some companies will not do this,as they do not like this as the payment can be a lengthy process. We at Aldersbrook roofing are accredited and work with insurance companies and can help with temporary sheeting emergency call out and making safe dangerous structures to buildings, alongside the remedial works and will deal direct with your insurance company for you taking out all the hassle. we cover all areas in London and home counties as well as the south coast from our Dorset branch.

Damage caused by storm ciara

The devastation that storm Ciara left is terrible for communities up and down the country

Storm Dennis is set to hit us this weekend offering more potentially life threatening weather all across the uk

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The met office is the best spot for keeping up to date with the latest weather

check list for the storm

  • check with the met office for warnings in place
  • do not make unnecessary
  • check that the public transport is running
  • batten down the hatches
  • after the storm check your roof visually for damage
  • if damage has occurred call your insurance company
  • then give us a call on 0800 956 1996 our emergency quick response call out
  • we will do the rest