Storms, Tornadoes and Hurricanes UK


Be prepared for bad weather
Be prepared for bad weather

Storm Ali has come upon us and as we head towards October, this will be the first of many as Winter approaches and the bad weather sets in.

Well what is the differences in the weather warnings

Warnings from the met office what do they mean
Warnings from the met office what do they mean

The Met Office issues weather warnings, through the National Severe Weather Warning Service, Yellow and amber Warnings are a way to measure the levels of impact and the likelyhood of damage when severe weather has the potential to bring impacts to the UK there is also advise from akas should you not be able to travel due to bad weather .

The different weather advisorys are here to help you stay safe click here

These warnings are given a color code (yellow, amber or red) depending on a combination of both the impact the weather may have and the likelihood of those impacts occurring and is not a guide to flying your kite.

when not to fly a kite

Yellow and Amber warnings represent a range of impact levels and likelihoods. This means it is important to read each warning to know what level of impact you can expect for your chosen warning area – and how likely those impacts are to occur.

These impacts can include damage to property, travel delays and cancellations, loss of water supplies, power cuts and, in the most severe cases, bring a danger to life.

Is that a roof garden?

(Yes that is a whole roof in the garden)

Whatever the warning is it is always a good idea after high winds to take a glance up at your roof and check for structural damage This can include slipped missing slates, or felt which has been blown from dormer roofs, also damage to chimneys etc. It is always prudent to check the roof this time of year and a watchful eye may be able to save you a insurance claim or costs of more damage from the rainwater ingress into your property. In areas that you might not be able to see A cctv inspection can be carried out for areas that you might not be able to see with a telescopic carbon high reach pole with a CCTV camera fitted to the top can be a good idea.