Skylights lighten up your home


What benefit can sky lanterns bring to your home. In todays modern homes light into your building can transform your home into a beautiful space. Today's sky domes are not the same as the poly-carbonate triangular domes that were once common place. Today's skylights are modern heat efficient stylish and made with glass. There double glazed units achieve the heat loss u values that are required for today's heat loss regulations, The glass are usually self cleansing and tinted and can come in a variety of styles to suit your home be it modern or contemporary or period there is a skylight that can compliment individual taste. A good quality skylight are usually made with a powder coated aluminium frame.

older traditional type of skylight, the polycarbonate dome you can still purchase today but with some of the newer glazed options these are becoming less popular choice

the size of the skylights vary but if you are fitting a very large skylight provisions will need to be made for the structural loading's of the skylight .

flat roof plasma type windows are a modern looking option

A skyight is a great way to transform your home and it doesn't really matter what size the space you have. The light brought into your home can change the whole look your property turning a dark room into a bright modern living space fit for today's living. If you are changing your flat roof then this could be a good home improvement option that can be carried out whilst installing your roof or if you are having a extension built it should be a considered option.

Roof lantern with a traditional look

It is always a good idea to have a installer who has experience in the fitting of this type of product, and depending on the manufacturer fitting procedures may vary slightly.