Rogue roofers strike again


Ilford Recorder

Scouring the internet we stumbled across this article in the Ilford Recorder. It is a story that you hear more often in today's world. This is not a problem that is just associated with east London and over the years we have heard many horror stories from people being ripped off or tricked into having unnecessary repairs or worse. So what can you do to stop yourself falling prey to unscrupulous tradesmen.

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pensioners ripped off by bogus roofer in the london borough of Redbridge
pensioners ripped off by bogus roofer in the london borough of Redbridge

Well there are a number of things you can do to safe guard yourself

Try to use a recommendation as this is a good way to ensure the quality of workmanship is up to scratch prior to appointing

appointing a contractor that is affiliated with a trade body member i do not mean rated trades or checkatrade i mean a quality one that actually vets workmanship such as the nfrc corc or fra

if it is a flat roof that you need replacing you should make sure the company is a licensed installer for the roof system, this will ensure vetted quality and workmanship standards that you require.

use a established contractor, contractors that have been around for a long while usually have built up a reputation that they would like to maintain.

Never buy or agree to works from people nocking on your door generally good quality outfits dont go round nocking on doors they are way too busy for that.