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20 October 2019 | JOB PICK OF THE MONTH

Looking after your roof will be one smart move if you want to avoid higher unnecessary costs later on

Job of the month July 2019

So this roof deep in the countryside for roof repairs in Berkshire The property we worked on was around a 100 years old and has partially part of the original roof. Like cars roofs need to be maintained especially when the roof is getting old same as a old car to use as a metaphor .the maintenance costs and levels will be more as the roof ages. To be fair overhauling your roof for a few hundred pounds is not going to give you the level of weatherproofing integrity as a new roof, New tiled roof or new Slate roof that is going to cost several thousand plus. However a correctly maintained roof will save you further heavier burdened costs that incur when a roof is left in a un maintained state that can also run into eye watering costs for roof repairs Essex or roof repairs Kent or roof repairs in Dorset it doesn’t matter which region of the country you are in its going to cost, This which could of been prevented with a little maintenance. There are a lot of maintenance products for waterproofing roofs on the market but when it comes to pitched roofing we would say stay away from them as they are more suited for Balconies, flat roofs and walkway areas.

Any way back to the job in hand we had to just go over the roof checking for damaged broken slates defective pointing to flashing’s and ridges etc cleaning of gutters and the rainwater outlets. Just some general maintenance

have a look at what we found this roof was not that bad as some we get called to especially in East London Londons East end. Its great being the top roofing specialist in all areas covered. as it gives us great experience in all types of property detailing from all the different regions in the country.

Missing pointing on the ridges is very common on older roofs

We used a breathable membrane from Cromar along with tannerlised 50mm by 25mm roof battens fitted out at the gauge for Eternit Thrutone man made synthetic roof slates. These slates are a three fix slates which requires two clout nails and a copper disc rivet at the bottom as they are very light weight material. we installed a code 4 milled lead flashing to the abutment wall as well. Our client has Property in West London North London and south London as well as East London and we now look after all the roofs for them maintaining issues as they arise

this Little bit of moss on the slates can build up fall into the gutters and clog them
Missing damaged slates are usually very easy to spot