Torch on garage roof Oakdale Dorset August 2019

1 December 2019 | JOB PICK OF THE MONTH

Economical options on changing a garage roof Torch on systems
Economical options on changing a garage roof Torch on systems

Job of the month August 2019

So this roof in Poole Dorset, Oakdale to be precise we installed for a local Sandbanks builder who was doing a refurb to a residential house. The Builder needed something modern looking but economical so we offered him a 10 year Norde system which is still a SBS felt unlike some of the other budget ranges on the market. (no not because he was tight)and in the dark grey it complimented the tiled roof. The roof itself was 26 square meters and was undertaken by myself and finished in one day. The roof comprised of vented layer cut back 300mm from the perimeter edges this allows for trapped gases and moisture to disperse from the roof system a secondary underlay 2mm and the third capsheet layer all layed with separate upstand aprons and drip edges

The roof system from Siltecs s Norde range we have been installing for a long while and are a Siltec licensed installer of there products which we fit throughout the UK not just on domestic installations. However we like to demonstrate on the blog he wide variety of work we carry out from small roofs to big roofs.

Synthetic slate , Roofer expert
these sinthetic man made slates are a popular choice however the lifespan is not as long as natural slate

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Norde bitumi is laid with a continuous bleed to the edges to create a quality seal
Front edge roof detail

need a new flat roof