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Bad flat roofing design

Our job pick of the month for April, 2019

Bad flat roof design is clearly illustrated here-when our client asked if we can sort out this as many roofers had been but couldnt resolve the issues we jumped to the challenge.

We was asked to look at this defective bit of roof round the back of the ilford plaza building in Ilford Lane. Our client had several different roofers and builders before calling us the professionals to sort out the mess which she googled from roofer in Ilford and roofer in east London and in the small adds in the Ilford recorder and Romford recorder. There was various issues with the section of roofing relating to poor design and poor workmanship.

The finished product with raised inspection cover to gain acsess to the pipe work inspection cover. Our client the owner of Ilford Plaza was vewry pleased with the neat finish and could clearly see the difference between our predecessors workmanship to our own and was glad the call was to Aldersbrook roofing flat roof experts.

The roof was holding water due to a 110mm Soil pipe which was restricting water flow. Our solution was to raise the roof area above the piping by building a higher roof section and installing a raised area for the client to gain assess to the inspection section of the pipes should they get blocked. We then used a 3 layer torch on system to the roof with all the relevant lead lashings to the abutments and collar terminations round railings and pipes. In total we re roofed a section of around 15 square metres however this was a timely process due to the level of detailing involved. Our client has now got a roof system with a ten year warranty set for the material and labour.

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