plain tiled roof hand mades install Canford Cliffs Dorset

Clay hand made  roof  install Canford Cliffs Dorset
nd made roof install Canford Cliffs Dorset

Canford cliffs 466 square metres of plain tile roofing in hand made clays.

160 mtrs of torch on roofing system Norde bitumi.

Our Clients: Poole Bay Building Limited

Our latest re roof in canford cliffs has kept our Dorset team very busy the last couple of months. The roof has been tiled with Hawking’s handmade tiles to give a rustic look with hand made valley tiles to give a seamless continuation to the roof lines. Roof has been insulated with a insulative felt. and counter battened. We installed A Norde Bitumi flat roofing system from Siltec UK. with a 20 year warranty.

We are just awaiting pics and videos which we will be uploading shortly watch the space

Our clients Poolle Bay building limited