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Green roofs are increasing in popularity with developers and specifiers and are important in the reducing of Co2 emissions. and is an important structure to the Eco system.. and also as important the replacement of the green land that the building was built on.

Green roofs need to be installed on roofs pitched at no more than 30°.

Underneath, a moisture-retention fleece keeps water in the soil rather than letting it pool on the membrane surface; an aqua drain carries away excess water. However the membrane is paramount in providing the water integrity, while a vapour control layer manages the passage of internal water vapour through the roof, preventing condensation inside. The roof systems below would usually incorporate a root barrier dependant on the roofing system installed below the eco system.

With regards to the membranes underneath it is usual for the manufacturers whether it single ply , Hot melt, liquid or Epdm to have a specific system design which has been developed for Green roof technologies.

there are different types of build up when it comes to green roofs and they are as follows

  • Extensive: an eco-roof covered with a lightweight, thin layer of vegetation, low-maintenance and non-accessible.
  • Semi-intensive: these create an ornamental green space using plants that require more care and more soil depth that those above, however, on the other hand, people can access them.
  • Intensive: are rooftop gardens that accept all types of species of plants and trees. this type of roof can be accessed by foot traffic for access, but they do require a solid substrate structure to bear the additional weight.

Brown and bio diverse roof systems

Brown and bio diverse roofs are sedum roofs which are left to habitat naturally with vegetation being blown in from the wind to allow natural sedation of the roof space area.

this type of roof system require no maintenance.

Aldersbrook, green roof installers and contractors

We have been installing Green and bio diverse roofs for a long time and work with various partner companies offering suitable waterproofing designed for the applications of green roofing systems as licensed installer status. whether it is Single ply, Torch or Hot melt system liquid roof systems, we can help from the start with flat roof design all the way through with the help of the manufacturer to create a green roof system tailored for your project.

we work on projects nationwide and have an extensive portfolio. We can help with system design all the way through to installation with a roof system that is tailored for your project. please just get in touch with our team of green roof installers are more than happy to help.

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