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liquid roofing solutions

Liquid roofing is a refurbishment option that can be carried out to existing roofs for refurbishment. Theses systems are painted or sprayed applied and can come with Guarantees of up to 20 years dependant on the paint coverage applied to the substrate or walkway or decking. We have been applying a number of systems for several manufacturers for a number of years.

This is ideal for extending the life of a existing roof system or areas were there is a lot of detailing or balcony or walkway areas etc.

All the systems when laid are drawn up by the manufacturers for your project.

We work with Proteus Kemperol and Cromar as an approved contractor and have laid thousands of square metres too roofs up and down the country.

These can be laid over asphalt ,felt, concrete ,fibreglass, single ply so is a very versatile product. We have been flat roofing and installing liquid roofing in London and the Uk.



A quick glimpse of a roof terrace, roof garden, roof repair in Barking East London carried out by us Aldersbrook roofing, of a two coat liquid repair for our clients a London block management company. This repair was carried out on a concrete deck flat roof garden above a car park.



Our client

Our client Morrisons had to look after the roof as per there lease obligations and had opted for a liquid system as a efficient solution.

Choice of liquid

The System used was proteus wet on wet system laid with a glass fibre mesh.


Due to the system being laid in a walkway from flats it was laid with a anti slip finish.

Overlay System

The system is laid as a overlay to the existing asphalt once it has been pressure washed and cleaned.

Contract time

The installation was carried out over 4 days so was done with minimum disturbance and inconvenience to the residents.


This system chosen by the client was laid to give a 15 year warranty. The system can be laid at a thicker ratio coverage to offer a longer warranty up to 25 years with some manufacturers.

Our Partners

We are licensed for the application of Proteus,Topseal,Siltec and ecofane liquid roof systems comprising systems with warranties ranging from 10 to 25 years. partial or fully reinforced. If you are looking for a Kemperol type roof system then look no further. All the systems our operatives have been trained for the applications.

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