Mastic Asphalt traditional flat roofing systems

Mastic asphalt is still up with today’s technology. Its advanced polymer formulation makes it the perfect choice for any flat roofing or balcony application.

You might think that Mastic asphalt is a old age yesteryear roofing technology However recent developments in polymer has helped it keep up with other roofing solutions and technologies. Some of the advantages of mastic asphalt – is of its hard wearing surfaces which is ideal for Balcony areas roof terraces or areas with heavy foot traffic including stairwells . More in particular when using mastic asphalt on large scale roofing projects – is that it can be laid at speed. The material can be delivered to the site, direct from the factory, at the correct temperature for instant installation. Hot charge transporters and insulated dumpers make this possible.

15-tonnes of hot charge Mastic Asphalt delivery can supply enough mastic asphalt to lay 300 square meters of material to the standard depth of 20mm. This ensures fast application of the roof.

For smaller Projects it is still a great product to re roof with and is an ideal solution in Central London with Edwardian townhouse period properties were heavy foot traffic is required.

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