Protan premier singleply roof systems


Protan technology

Protan technology has been used in commercial applications across Europe it is used in large commercial projects. We as a Protan partner company have brought the technology to the Domestic market offering superior roofing systems.

25 Year Guarantees

Protan membrane that comes with an insurance backed guarantee for the material and labour for a period of 25 years. This type of roof is fitted for life unlike other types of flat roofing technology's that require renewal or replacement.

Mordern Looks

Protan roof systems modern sleek looks can compliment your property and is a popular choice with architects and developers.

Protan partner company

Protan only chooses quality partner company's to work with so you can rest in the knowledge that for Protan single ply. we are your best for flat roofing in London and beyond or where ever you are. You are working with a fully vetted contractor for your project.

Domestic applications

Any Protan roof no matter what the size is designed and specified by Protan and inspected as they are committed to quality. By choosing Protan roof your getting the same standard of works procedure that you would get with a commercial project.

Commercial Projects

If you require a specification for a new build project or commercial development , We can help with a system tailored to the and designed to your development. We can provide CAD drawings and start to finish consultation with Protans technical representative .

What is Protan

It is a PVC permeable single-ply roof covering system with a life span in excess of 30 Years.

The Membrane

A 1.8 mm thick high tensile Pvc permeable membrane

Mechanical fixings

The Membrane is mechanically secured with stainless steel fixings and washers with a unique fixing procedure specifically designed for each job or project with a geographical wind calculation.

Welded lap joints and termination detailing

All seams and joints flashing and termination details are welded for a quality watertight roofing system.

Stainless steel flashing bars and wall flashing’s

Stainless steel flashing bars is fitted to the wall terminations with a welded expansion joint ensures no splitting and high flexibility.

Metal perimetter trims coated with a PVC membrane

quality trims give the Protan sleek modern lines that compliment the existing property whether it is a new or period type dwelling.


Protan industrial and commercial roofing

We have been installers of Protan on commercial and industrial projects alongside other roofing systems across the UK. We would say that Protan is our preferred roofing system to work with with as they offer a full package from design to installation. Protan will work closely with you from the start of your project and design a system suited to your project.

All commercial installations are overlooked by Protan ensuring product quality to each individual roof covering.

Protans in depth involvement from the planning right through to the completion really is second to none. Protan is among the market leaders in Single ply flat roof systems and inovation

Commercial Roofing

If you have a commercial roof project that requires a different type of roof covering other than single ply Protan.

We can help we are licensed installers installers of Hot melt roof systems, Liquid roof systems, Torch applied systems ,EPDM roof systems for many high end manufacturers. including Alwitra, Sarnifil, Bowder, and other high ended quality roof and waterproofing systems.

For commercial, new build roofing requirements please check out our designated page or contact 0800 956 1996


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