Calculating a roof cost

Our guides are to help you in working out the cost of membranes for your forthcoming roofing project. The costs below are guide prices per square metre to give you an indication of ball part costs. other factors may need to be taken into consideration such as access , condition of the existing roof substrate if it is a refurbishment project Height of project will you need scaffolding? Termination and abutment details. Vapour barrier and insulating boards If you require any additional help then please call us on our Freephone number 0800 956 1996 we will be happy to help.


Torch on systems from

10 year system £40.00 per square metre

15 year system £48.00 per square metre

20 year system £56.00 per square metre

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Singleply epdm firestone or classic bond

firestone EPDM £56.00 per square metre

Classic EPDM £48.00 per square metre

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Singleply Prelasti EPDM

Prelasti premium EPDM £68.00 per square metre

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Fibreglass Resin roofs

Cromer £54.00 per square metre

Topseal premium range from £102.00 per square metre

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Liquid waterproofing

Ecathane £50.00 per square metre

Proteus £85.00 per square metre

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Protan singleply PVC

Protan pvc mechanical fix £96.00 per square metre

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cost of a new roof

Coming very soon our roof cost calculator . However if you need a costing for a flat roof or ay other type f roofing works just nclick the contact button below and we will be more than happy to quote on any upcoming roof projects that you may have we can help with roof cost in London and cost of a new roof in the UK.